Praise for Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within

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Russell Targ
Author: Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness (

"Amy Lansky's new book is an inspiring and far-ranging investigation of contemporary consciousness research. In her program to spare us from the madness around us, she draws on Rudolf Steiner, Gurdjieff, Rupert Sheldrake, Dean Radin, and many others. She is also encouraging us to explore the transformation of our consciousness as a way to increase our peace of mind, happiness, and what the Buddhists call liberation from the wheel of suffering. Who would not want that?"

Dean Radin, PhD
Author: The Consciousness Universe; and Entangled Minds (

"This is a delightful book. Well written and intensely packed with interesting information. It made my head spin—in a good way!"

Jane Katra, PhD
Author: The Heart of the Mind; and Miracles of Mind (

"Amy Lansky leads us on an inspiring and thought-provoking romp through a panoply of portals to our higher dimensional selves. She's an entertaining travel guide to the minds of great scientists, mystics, and philosophers as she argues convincingly that we really can bring the improbable futures we want for ourselves into reality. Let her alter your consciousness and take you higher!"

Judy Kitt
President, Foundation for Mind Being Research (

"In her new book, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within, Amy Lansky puts forth a model of consciousness based on her description of higher dimensions in space. Citing research from a number of scientific disciplines, she demonstrates that there is much more going on below the surface of what we call reality than we are currently aware of. She does not, however, limit herself to the outer world of western scientific discoveries. Citing millennia of Eastern esoteric sciences and the teachings of mystics, both ancient and modern, Amy creates a coherent and expansive map of the terrain for the reader to explore. She proposes that we can—and indeed, must—develop our own powers to perceive the forces that underlie the universe and then use those powers to consciously create a much better world. Though the topic is vast, Amy has created a work that is accessible and engaging. Using examples from her own life and experiences, she uses the narrative to deftly guide the reader through the worlds of unexplained phenomena, alternative medicine and meditative practice. Grounded both in science and mystic tradition, her book is an inspiring invitation to explore the portals to higher consciousness for yourself."

Vatsala Sperling, PhD, CCH
Reviewer for the North American Society of Homeopaths (

"This book is gift -- well written, coherent, purposeful and clear. I recommend [it] to all seekers of deeper awareness and consciousness."

Carolyn M.Scott
Executive Director, Cool Planet Labs (

"One of the most amazing thinkers/writers/activists of our time! Read her book Active Consciousness....mind blowing..."

Jair Robles
Publisher, SuperConsciousness Magazine (

"Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within is Amy Lansky’s brilliant attempt to bridge the connection between stilling the mind and influencing reality with our thoughts. Her most recent book can be considered an evolution from books such as The Field or The Intention Experiment, written by Lynne McTaggart. Lansky’s book is rich with evidence found during experimental research on consciousness and the paranormal, supported with the wisdom of different esoteric teachings. From her studies and personal experience, Lansky presents a model of reality that comprises the existence of higher dimensions that we can actively access and which would explain such phenomena as clairvoyance, remote-viewing or telekinesis. The book also contains some practical exercises to help people engage in their own experience of what is being presented there."

Cynthia Sue Larson
RealityShifters, Author of Quantum Jumps (

Active Consciousness -- An Excellent "How-To" Book for Accessing Higher Levels of Order in Your Life. Amy Lansky is a most unusual ex-NASA scientist, in that she sought answers to explain how homeopathy could be such an effective system for treating her family's health concerns. As a concerned mother, Lansky put the well-being of her children ahead of cynical cries of "Woo-woo!" and discovered, much to her surprise, some extraordinary healing powers of homeopathy... Active Consciousness does an excellent job of illustrating the ways expanded dimensionality of consciousness might be expected to interact with our 3D conceptualization of the world. In short, higher-dimensional levels of consciousness would enable us to easily see connections normally hidden to us... When we recognize that higher levels of order contain more information than we ordinarily consider accessible, we have the means by which we can use consciousness actively. Lansky provides numerous examples of ways we can do this, whether through something akin to homeopathic treatments, or through meditation and visualization exercises she provides throughout this book. As Lansky also explains, once we achieve a state of genuine, authentic, deep communication with others, true connection can occur. We can experience who we really and truly are... I especially love the way Lansky includes lots of fun illustrations alongside some of the key points she's making in her book, so you can gain a better idea of how, for example, you can hold in mind a possible future as long as it is possible, and through the process of active consciousness, help ensure that more a enjoyable possible future is attained. Packed with numerous exercises, Active Consciousness makes an excellent guidebook for taking your consciousness to the next level. Highly recommended!

Dr. Ken Silvestri
Psychotherapist and homeopath (

"[Amy Lansky] takes us on a journey to discover new dimensions of how reality is constructed and its relevance to our very evolution as a species... The book is full of positive energy... It is without a doubt a must read by anyone contemplating how to make their life work in a more meaningful manner with confidence, not only for one’s self but for all of us in this very interconnected reality that we share."

Peter Chappell
Homeopath and Reviewer for Homoeopathic Links Journal

"The advantage of this book is that it's not just one person's in depth idea, but an eclectic combination of ideas and exercises used to create a set of modern consciousness tools. The book's sets of exercises gives easy access to the inner meaning of her subject... Amy writes well. It's friendly, comprehensible and eminently practical."

Julian Sirian
Creator of the blog This review appeared in his article "Top 5 Books That Will Change the Way You Think"

"This is a book that I stumbled upon only recently, and I’m glad I did. This is a book that every student leaving college should have, as it gives you good cases on how the law of attraction works, as well as simple exercises on how to achieve being present and feeling love (which incidentally helps the law of attraction for you). After reading this book, you will never want to loose your personal power again, as it guides you into a new understanding of how you can create a new reality. It also includes quotes from famous spiritualists and philosophers that demonstrate the point that your mind can influence the consciousness around you, so you can better your life. A must read!"