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Past E-Newsletter Issues

  • SUMMER 2021
    What Is Liberation? -- If your sense of freedom depends strictly on externals, then you are setting yourself up. Ultimately, the answer is internal self-liberation.

    Something Is Definitely Not As It Seems -- When the world is going crazy and you don't know where truth can be found, go beyond anger and fear and reach for your answers within.

    Unraveling the Vaccine Debate: Finding the Fulcrum Beneath Polarity -- An attempt to unpack the two sides of this controversial subject so that we can find mutual understanding and move forward.

  • DECEMBER 2020
    The Power of Uncertainty -- It's important to remember that although uncertainty may be uncomfortable, it's the source of a possibility for change -- as well as being the source of homeopathy's power.

    How Much Is Too Much? -- A reflection on the growing censorship of alternative medicine information.

  • SEPTEMBER 2020
    When Will This All End? -- When we realize our personal reactions are hints about the work needed for personal transformation and transcendance. Spirit is nudging us all!

  • JULY/AUGUST 2020
    Our Purple Future -- My positive vision of how COVID will transform our world for the better!

  • MAY/JUNE 2020
    Get Current -- Let go of your disappointments and stop obsessing about possible futures. Just be with what is, who you are, and go from there.

  • APRIL 2020
    Breathe -- A synchronistic parallel between the Earth's needs and our own at this world-changing time.

  • MARCH 2020
    Ponder These Questions -- Things to think more deeply about while we're in lockdown (and always).

  • FEBRUARY 2020
    The Second Half of Life -- The blessings of getting older.

  • DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020
    Happiness Is Just A Step Away. Can You Take That Step in 2020? -- It's all a matter of lining up to what IS (good or bad), even if you'd rather it were different.

  • NOVEMBER 2019
    Resistance Is Futile -- Alleviate your suffering by accepting WHAT IS rather than resisting it. You will be much more effective too. As Lao Tsu wisely said, "By letting it go, it all gets done."

    Manifestation Works! The RuLaToon -- Read about my latest amazing manifestation miracle that occurred the summer of 2019 and learn some lessons about the manifestation process too.

  • JULY/AUGUST 2019
    The Revolution Is Within -- Even though it may seem like we are being increasingly monitored and controlled, we can still maintain many forms of autonomy. In the end, the true power is within -- and it's a power that can transform the outer world of form as well.

  • JUNE 2019
    How Do You Suffer? -- Can your suffering bring you some kind of redemption and meaning? Or is it just dragging you and everyone around you down?

  • APRIL/MAY 2019
    The Search for Perfection -- The constant quest for perfection of self or the outer world is a trap and only brings unhappiness. Begin by accepting yourself and the acceptance of what is will come more easily. You may then discover how perfect the world already is!

    No Worries -- Stop your worrying and fretting. They have no purpose. With effort and practice, you can release this life-sapping habit from your life.

  • JANUARY 2019
    Why Is It So Hard to Love Yourself? -- Begin the new year and prepare for Valentine's Day by learning to love the most important person in your life-- YOU. You will reap unexpected benefits in your life!

  • DECEMBER 2018
    It's Time to Turn Off the Trump Channel -- Resolve now to remove toxic influences of fear and anger from 2019. You create what you believe and put your attention on. Make room in your life for good, instead of focusing on the bad!

  • NOVEMBER 2018
    How to Break an Emotional Habit -- Break those reflexive emotional reactions that just make you suffer! They're just bad habits that you probably developed in childhood. Notice them, replace them, and reinforce your new emotions.

    Are Relationships Forever? -- Understanding the ebb and flow of relationships from an energetic perspective.

  • JULY/AUGUST 2018
    Where Can You Find Meaning? -- Finding meaning in your life is paramount to your happiness. Where can you find it?

  • JUNE 2018
    Act Now! Before It's Too Late -- Our negative emotional tendencies usually increase as we enter old age. So NOW is the time to work on evolving your emotional awareness if you want a wise and gracious elderhood.

  • APRIL/MAY 2018
    Life Is a Feedback Loop -- What if, by and large, your experience perfectly reflects your inner state -- not in order to punish you, but to guide you?

  • MARCH 2018
    The Line Between Fear and Trust -- Is fear keeping you captive? Time to increase your access to trust.

  • FEBRUARY 2018
    Clinging Never Works -- Letting go of the past and accepting the realities of the present.

  • JANUARY 2018
    You Are Only as "X" as You Want to Be -- How a subconscious part of ourselves is often blocking us from getting what we think we want.

  • DECEMBER 2017
    Tending the Soul of the Earth -- A rerun from December 2012 -- still timely.

  • NOVEMBER 2017
    The Uncertainty of the Now -- Life may feel dangerous and uncertain, but be careful not to succumb to fear, anger, and despair -- your personal state may be the tipping factor that can make all the difference!

  • OCTOBER 2017
    Death -- or Transition? -- An examination of life after death, including the nature of the afterlife state and the impact of mediumship.

    How to Make Happiness a Habit -- Can you incorporate the habit of shifting your state to one of happiness a few times a day?; Coincidence, Con, or Kismet? -- An AskAmy answer to a question about the synchronicities involved in making a love connection.

  • JULY 2017
    Face Your Feelings -- Much of our suffering and illness derives from suppression of our emotions. The homeopathic principle shows us that facing and releasing our feelings can be a path to true healing -- and the Sedona Method is one way to do this; Synchronicity of the Month! -- Amy describes a wonderful synchronistic experience.

  • JUNE 2017
    Our Addiction to Suffering -- Do we actually crave our suffering? Are we addicted to it? How can we break this habit of thought and emotion?

  • MAY 2017
    The Collapse of Consensus Reality -- What to do in a world where everyone seems to have a completely different perception of the truth?

  • APRIL 2017
    Are Competitive Sports Actually A Good Thing? -- Are we really doing our kids (or ourselves) a favor by spending so much time viewing and playing competitive sports? For a YouTube version of this article, check out Amy's new YouTube channel, What's Going On?

  • MARCH 2017
    Nature Almighty -- Now, more than ever, the power of Mother Earth reigns supreme and reminds us to get out of our heads and Be Here Now -- the place where our true power resides! For a YouTube version of this article, check out Amy's new YouTube channel, What's Going On?

  • FEBRUARY 2017
    A Small Act of Love Goes A Long Way -- Just as in homeopathy, where a tiny nudge of the right kind at the right time can have profound effects, so can small acts of negativity -- and of love -- have deep and longlasting effects on those around us.

  • JANUARY 2017
    Change Is Coming. It Is Up to Us to Make it Positive -- Reflections on meeting the Trump presidency with positivity instead of fear. A big cosmic test is upon us. It's time to work for positive change in a positive way!

  • FALL 2016
    The Geoscope: A Revolutionary Idea Whose Time Has Come -- An important new article about Buckminster Fuller's life-saving vision for humanity that can now be implemented. Please read and share this article to help manifest the Geoscope!

  • JULY/AUGUST 2016
    A Little Can Go a Long Way: How A Small Act of Reunion Can Break the Spell of Separation -- A description of how adding a sharing-library box to a neighborhood can act as a small act of "disruption" and break the spell of separation in a neighborhood, fostering a greatr sense of community.

  • MAY/JUNE 2016
    The Whole World Is a Very Narrow Bridge -- How to meet the coming challenges and craziness of our world without fear.

  • MARCH/APRIL 2016
    Can Awareness Trump Fear and Greed? Part 1: The Autism Epidemic -- This important article presents trends and projections in the growth of the autism epidemic, its possible causes, and a discussion of how slowly we are responding to it and why this is the case.

  • FEBRUARY 2016
    Homeopathy: The Medicine of Synchronicity? -- exploring the relationship between how homeopathy works and the phenomenon of synchronicity. Plus, a link to an audio interview of Amy on the same subject.

    On the Verge -- Approach 2016 (a year that will likely bring big changes) as a creator. You can influence how the future unfolds in more profound ways than you think!

  • NOVEMBER 2015
    ThanksGiving Is Precisely What the American Soul Needs -- How to break our patterns of dissatisfaction and craving.

  • OCTOBER 2015
    LifePod: A Vehicle for Cultural Evolution -- An inspirational idea about how to make things like sustainability, permaculture, and alternative health care appealing and "cool" to young people. Could this invoke a new 60s revolution through osmosis?

  • SEPTEMBER 2015
    Dissolving Despair -- Dissolve despair by acknowledging that Now is the moment from which the future emanates and can be created anew. Physical actions and rituals that envision a brighter future also help significantly; Check out Amy's online conversation with Charles Eisenstein!

  • JULY/AUGUST 2015
    Cut the Cords That Bind You -- Is the root of your baseline day-to-day state -- especially your day-to-day suffering -- rooted in past traumas? Here are some tips about how to relieve suffering through the Huna technique of cutting your Aka cords to the past.

  • JUNE 2015
    Start with What Is -- line up your state with current reality, instead of driving your state based on outdated beliefs and stories.

  • MAY 2015
    On Mother's Day, A Message from Mother Earth: Don't Mess With Gaia! -- drawing a parallel between some of humanity's past mistakes: introduction of invasive non-native species, monoculture farming, GMOs, overuse of antibiotics, and now, overuse of vaccines.

  • APRIL 2015
    What is the Meaning of Life? -- Amy was asked to answer this question for the Excellence Reporter blog, and here is her response.

  • MARCH 2015
    Habits -- By examining and modifying habits of behavior and thought, we can expand our awareness.

  • FEBRUARY 2015
    Language Is A Virus -- How does the language we use affect our state of consciousness?

  • JANUARY 2015
    Vision: The Key to Our Future -- The importance of holding to a positive vision of humanity's future.

  • DECEMBER 2014
    The Power of Light -- As we face the shortest and darkest days of the year, things might not be as bleak as they seem... Hitherto buried world truths are finally coming to light and being acknowledged.

  • NOVEMBER 2014
    Introducing the Ask Amy blog!
    Finding Grace -- What is "grace"? And is it something that we really bestow upon ourselves?

  • OCTOBER 2014
    The Missing Ingredient of Most Manifestation Techniques -- More wisdom about how manifestation actually works from the Hawaiian kahunas.

  • SEPTEMBER 2014
    State, Not Strive -- Instead of focusing on external goals (which never buy true happiness anyway), focus on the nature of your internal state.

  • AUGUST 2014
    Be A Dog for a Day -- An ant works. A human Lives. Even a dog Lives. Be a dog for a day. Relax!

  • JULY 2014
    Letting Go -- How can we let go when life events are beyond our control?

  • JUNE 2014
    Living in Parallel Universes -- All living things, including every person, lives in a world that interacts with other parallel worlds and affects how reality itself unfolds. It's up to each one of us to create the world we want to live in!; Active Consciousness named one of the Top 5 Books That Will Change How You Think!

  • MAY 2014
    The Secret Knowledge of the Kahunas -- More about the kahuna cosmology and its relationship to Active Consciousness.

  • MARCH/APRIL 2014
    Life Is Breathing -- Going with the ebb and flow of life.

  • FEBRUARY 2014
    Breaking Down the Fourth Wall -- penetrating the screen plays and stage dramas of our lives.

  • JANUARY 2014
    A New Year's Experiment: Let Go of Assumptions -- and expand the realm of possibilities that are open to you!

  • DECEMBER 2013
    The Original Self -- tapping into who you were born to be; New excerpts from Active Consciousness on; Holiday discounts on both of Amy's books: Impossible Cure and Active Consciousness.

  • NOVEMBER 2013
    Relaxing Your "Cringe Factor" -- Pay attention to your Basic Self and solve mysterious health problems; Holiday discount on both of Amy's books: Impossible Cure and Active Consciousness.

  • OCTOBER 2013
    Capturing the Moment -- vivid memories, orbs, and more.

  • SEPTEMBER 2013
    Now You See It, Now You Don't: Glimpses of the Unseen World -- the world is much more wondrous if you really take a deeper look!

  • JULY/AUGUST 2013
    Amy's interview on Resonance: The Secret Behind Homeopathy and Active Consciousness on Homeopathy World Community Radio; Feature article: Rejuvenating the Self of America -- reflections on America after a cross country trip.

  • JUNE 2013
    The Future of Humanity -- reflections on where we are, where we're headed, and what it all means.

  • MAY 2013
    Hawaiian Wisdom -- Don't Forget the Basic Self

  • APRIL 2013
    Receiving -- A Gateway to the Art of Higher Dimensions and Synchronicity

  • MARCH 2013
    Tuning In -- How to direct your focus to where you want it to go in this busy world.

  • FEBRUARY 2013
    "Imagine Love" -- A proposal for a YouTube meme based on John Lennon songs. Let's do it!

  • JANUARY 2013
    The Magnetic Power of Consciousness; Video of Amy's talk at IONS in November 2012.

  • DECEMBER 2012
    Tending the Soul of the Earth; Active Consciousness is a great holiday gift!

  • NOVEMBER 2012
    Instead of counting off the days, make every day count!; Recent live and media appearances by Amy Lansky.

  • OCTOBER 2012
    Introducing the Aka Meditation -- creating internal vibration, connectivity, and healing on the etheric level.

  • SEPTEMBER 2012
    Our watery minds -- water and our relationship with it as a metaphor for the mind; Announcements: Amy will be at SAND 2012 and will be presenting a talk at the Institute of Noetic Sciences on November 15, 2012.

  • AUGUST 2012
    Relax Into Nature (Encounters with Animals).

  • JULY 2012
    Posture: A Gateway to Self Awareness.

  • JUNE 2012
    Facing your fear; Four-dimensional space on YouTube.

  • MAY 2012
    A personal 'tzitzit' -- reminding yourself to be in the Now through a wearable object; Interview of Amy on

  • APRIL 2012
    Take a joke! The wisdom and joy of April; Check out Amy's new blog --

  • MARCH 2012
    Coping with difficult people. Upcoming talks, articles, and recent media appearances by Amy Lansky.

  • FEBRUARY 2012
    All you need is love -- celebrate what love is really all about this Valentine's Day!

  • JANUARY 2012
    Welcome 2012 with an open heart! Live life with gratitude.

  • DECEMBER 2011
    Links to two new Active Consciousness articles online; Active Consciousness tips for dealing with the holidays.

  • NOVEMBER 2011
    Meditation advice: Try the body instead of the breath; Science and Nonduality Conference provides an unforgettable experience.

  • OCTOBER 2011
    Announcing the publication and availability of Active Consciousness; What is active consciousness?